Magpul MBUS PRO Front and Rear Sights In-stock

I’ve had numerous people ask me lately where they can find a set of Magpul MBUS PRO sights. The new MBUS PRO’s have gained the reputation of being just as good as the awesome KAC Micro BUIS but a bit more affordable. Unfortunately, Magpul doesn’t always send both front and rear sights to retailers at the same time so its been hard to get a complete set even when you do find them in-stock. Right now I know of two sources who have Magpul MBUS PRO’s in-stock.

Weapon Outfitters has both Front and Rear Magpul MBUS PRO’s in-stock right now which as I say is kind of rare. The front and rear set together costs $189.90 with $7.95 shipping. If you spend over $200 with WO you get FREE SHIPPING so keep that in mind if you need any other items that WO may have. 
Purchase the Magpul MBUS PRO Rear Sight HERE
Purchase the Magpul MBUS PRO Front Sight HERE

620 Magpul MBUS PRO set Stickman

Chase Tactical has just the Front Magpul MBUS PRO in-stock. If you only need the front sight this is a good deal. If you use the discount code “ar15news” at checkout you’ll save 10% and the price is just $78.63 Shipped.
Purchase the Magpul MBUS PRO Front Sight HERE

620 Magpul MBUS PRO set Stickman

Photos by Stickman

NEW!! Damage Industries Reversible QD End Plate and QDS3

Seems I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected my good friends over at Damage Industries. They always have some really great deals and awesome products. They recently introduced a couple of brand new products that are really cool and stuff that would definitely be of interest to our AR15NEWS readers. The first is the Multi Adaptable Carbine End Plate. The second is a brand new style of QD sling attachment called the QDS3 (Quick Detach Silent Sling Swivel). I have the info for both of these items listed below.

The Multi Adaptable Carbine End Plate that features multiple sling attachment options including 2 QD points (one center and one on the side) and one Hook Loop on the side. This may not sound completely new but the major difference is that this end plate can be flipped around letting you determine which side you want the outer QD and Hook Loop on. Its also made of 4140 Steel and Phosphate coated but very high strength and corrosion resistance. Best of all, they’re just $19.95 each. You can purchase them at

620 Damage Industries Multi Adaptable QD End Plate

The other cool new product that they introduced just today is the QDS3 or Quick Detach Silent Sling Swivel. This new swivel is called the Silent Sling Swivel because it eliminates the normal loop and has a machined in loop that doesn’t move. This will be most silent when used in conjunction with a sling webbing but you could also attach other items such as a sling that has hook attachments to this which would work pretty nicely as well. This QD is made entirely of Stainless Steel and will feature a Black Oxide finish. As with all Damage Industries products, these are made right here in the USA. Look for the new QDS3 to be available for purchase very soon.

620 Damage Industries QDS3 1

620 Damage Industries QDS3 2

620 Damage Industries QD End Plate and QDS3